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Rapid Deployment of Emergency Power, Light & Controlled Temperature to Combat Disasters & Pandemics.

Emergency Utility Services

Skilled professionals in support of disaster relief and emergency response in areas of Southern California including Orange County, Riverside, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Ventura.

Pandemic & Disaster Help

The role of EUS is to serve those in need of essential services from disaster strikes. This includes acts of power outages, pandemics, wildfires, floods, earthquakes, and more. During emergencies, you will need to readily produce supplies and services to help those in need. When disaster strikes, reach out to us for support.

Temp Power & Generators

We proudly offer the MQ WhisperWatt™ line of portable sound-attenuated generators for all the power solutions you need. Each model is designed for premium performance and maximum reliability. We provide single and three phase models with output capacities ranging from 10kVA to 800kVA.

HVAC Portable Systems

We can service your needs for temperature control. We provide HVACs for military operations along with construction sites and events. Whether the weather conditions are good or bad, we can control the temperature you need in Tents, Office Buildings, Facilities, etc.

On-call to support you after a disaster

Standing alongside essential workers, volunteers, first responders, and municipalities.

Emergency Utility Services

Rapid Deployment of Emergency Power, Light & Controlled Temperature to Combat Disasters & Pandemics

Everyday disaster strikes people’s lives are in danger. Being prepared is key. Take this time to save our information and put our website in your favorites. We’ll be here to serve you when you need us.

With EUS, you have a partner that is there by your side to assist and help you coordinate your tasks. From shelter, to power, to lighting, and temperature control, our team of trained emergency response utility technicians is here serve you.

  • Surge Tent & Triage Power Solutions
  • Mobile Medical Field Unit Systems
  • On Ground and overhead power systems
  • Trailered Generators that run can 24/7
  • Trained technicians for turnkey installation, 24/7 standby available
  • Complete HVAC solutions available for both Heating, cooling, and chiller systems
  • Full line of generators from 2k Honda’s to 500KW+, and redundant generator systems (twins).
  • Full line of UPS units, from 1kva to 375kva
  • 1 Phase or 3 Phase distribution, transformers, and cable ramps
  • Temporary lighting systems
  • Ability to intercept existing power onsite & utilize for distribution
Emergency Response
Disater Relief
Planned Maintenance
Portable Power
Lighting Systems


Providing emergency solutions to help people be safe and get back on track.

We have decades of experience in several industries to provide expertise with the Cities and Utility companies for complicated tasks.

Quality Guarantee
Emergency Response
Over 30 Years Experience



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    Emergency Response
    Temporary Generators
    HVAC Systems

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